Interior Design Trends Coming in 2022

On Aug 29, 2021
Listed in Design, Renovating/Updating

Whether you call it trendy, simple, or basic, natural colors and spacious interior design styles are emerging in homes across the country. Minimalism is in, and we’re going to take a look into what you can expect to see more of in 2022.


The flashy, vibrant colors that may have painted your childhood bedrooms or use to brighten up a 60s-style living room are out. Some may say it has been for a while, but others still hold on to their more current bohemian style of interior design that offers bright splashes of color to the walls and furniture. 

Yet, now, it is safe to say that interior design has completely shifted away from the bohemian style that led the way the past couple of years. This year, and most likely next, is strictly “natural.”

As a result of the pandemic and increased time spent at home, people are rearranging and redesigning their homes. One major change is the shift from bright to neutral colors.

Overly vibrant – and even mediumly bright – colors have been tossed out as more people find these colors annoying. Warm and cool shades now paint the walls and color the furniture in homes of people stuck inside during COVID-19. These shades are becoming increasingly popular due to their calming nature and easy-to-match palettes. 

The most popular colors include urbane bronze, pale apricot, maple leaf, almond wisp, granite dust, and more.


The minimalist trend is less about getting rid of stuff and more about opening up a room. The key to minimalist design is using little furniture and decoration to make more space for air and movement.

Creating free space allows more room for exercise, at-home events, and simply navigating the room. It also decreases the presence of clutter, which gives a cleaner and neater appearance. 

This is especially helpful in trying times like a pandemic when mental clarity can come from your physical surroundings. Just like how a messy room can cause mental disarray, a neat area can translate into a clear thought process.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

People have spent more time inside over the past year, leaving many to miss the outdoors. Bring nature’s best elements inside your home to liven up any room.

Bringing the outdoors inside your home goes past just adding a few plants. Textures like stone, marble, granite, and wood are trendy materials used for decorations and furniture. 

Textiles are also essential for 2022. Ceramic pieces are great for simple, basic decor. Linens and cotton tapestries are also a great way to use wall space. 

If tapestries aren’t for you, floating shelves with simple decor (ceramics, plants, or picture frames) are also a great way to go. The same applies to hung picture frames.

Work Space

While many of us thought our beds and couches were ideal places to work at the beginning of the pandemic, most of us have changed our minds by now. These spaces have often proved to be uncomfortable for long periods of time and inconvenient for work. Some of us have even transitioned to our kitchen tables. But, as shared spaces get cluttered and busy, most of these areas turn out to not be suitable work environments.

This is why having an isolated work/office space is important. Rearrange the furniture in larger areas of the house to make space for a small office. All you need is enough space to fit is a table or desk and a chair, and voila you have an office space. 

Hint: corners are most ideal for space and privacy maximization. Also, make sure you have enough space for a lamp, or ensure there is a window close enough for light to reach you.

Final Thoughts  

You don’t need to completely rearrange your living space to accommodate these trends, but do what you can to give yourself some extra space and a cleaner appearance. After the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders we’ve endured over the past year and a half, you deserve to love your home and make the most of it.