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Real estate is in my blood. I spend most of my time devoted to something related to real estate/home ownership sometimes to the chagrin of my family: renovating older homes, tackling home projects, advancing knowledge of smart home technology, researching design trends, completing interior design certification, attending home shows, walking/driving by properties to learn about housing types/features or landscaping tips and gardening. I started as a Real Estate Consultant, Auditor and Tax Preparer in the commercial real estate sector. I love beauty, form , design and technology as it relates to real estate. I see my job as Broker as well as Settlement Coordinator is to make sure that all clients receive outstanding, awesome service in a transparent and efficient way. I know we’ve done our job well when you are an extended member of the Miracaza family.  

Growing up I accompanied my mom (Miranda Carter) to open houses, properties, and real estate conventions. I saw the exciting journeys she guided her clients on to become homeowners for the first time. As an undergrad, I would help her with social media marketing and property maintenance. After graduating from the University of Virginia, I became a volunteer coordination assistant at the Redwood Empire Food Bank. There I handled volunteer recruitment and coordination at over 150 sites. I love serving my community and helped others do the same. Afterwards, I was a part time executive assistant to our broker, Miranda Carter. Over the years, I became more and more involved with the brokerage until I decided to work here full time. Now we’re business partners and I’m a licensed realtor! I manage our marketing, administrative needs, and personnel management. At Miracaza, we’re family and we believe in giving everyone the VIP treatment. 






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